Midwest Military Museum
James F. Dryden - Historian
Member: Nippon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai-Tokyo, Japan~Japanese Sword Society-US~Chicago Art Institute

Midwest Military Museum: Mission Statement

Mr. Dryden's lifelong dream has been to open a military museum so that future generations can visually experience both the historical significance and horrors of war.

He states:

"Our quest for peace, especially during the WW II period is not taught in our school system today.

It is but a brief footnote in our children's history books.

My intent, upon retirement is to open a museum to visually explain our wars and pay homage to the men and women who fought and those who died to give us what we so often take for granted today. They are our heroes."

Please Note
We are totally involved in the preservation of history and historical artifacts.
We are in no way affiliated with nor do we endorse any group or movement that is connected with subversive ideology (i.e. White Power, Nazi, etc.).